Talk Radio: Are You Streaming Your Financial News

Talk radio receives a lot of bad press. The mainstream media has a good reason to dislike the photosphere, Denver Directv, talk radio, and the conservative television network, Fox News. The news media did not have nay competition for the hearts and minds of the American public before. Now they find they need to offer a service that is useful to people and not just offer only one viewpoint. It seems the news media has not yet learned this lesson however. Read the rest of this entry »

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The 5 Best Small Business Radio Podcasts

With so much audio to choose from and so few moments you actually have to yourself, we’ve managed to narrow the list down to the five best small business podcasts you simply can’t be without. So sit back and relax, make sure your connection can handle it (otherwise hit up or the like), open up your ears and enjoy.

1. The Starbucks Experience (With Dr. Joseph A. Michelli)
This Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author offers helpful business insights on the business world from the exciting and electric Starbucks environment.

2. The Welch Way (With Jack and Suzy Welch)
If you’re looking to get straight to the point with no nonsense or hopeful anecdotes to pad out the information then this dynamic duo is exactly what you’re looking for.

3. The Invisible Hand (By Chris Gondek)
If you need advice on strategic thinking and the best forms of marketing then you’ll certainly want to hear what this man has to say.

4. Dishy Mix (With Susan Bratton)
Get the 411 from different guests and learn the secrets from some of the most successful internet business entrepreneurs.

5. The Engaging Brand (By Anna Farmery)
Start from the beginning with an insider’s guide to personal branding and keeping your business afloat in a Web 2.0 world.

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Finances: The Global Trend Of Business Talk Radio

As the economy is trending south, more and more people are interested in finances for more aspects of their lives. Business talk radio is following this trend as well. Instead of business radio talking about the major companies, and tips to starting and running small businesses. Talk radio is focusing more on personal finance. Why is this.
People in a down economy are more concerned about life six months down the road. People are no longer sure that their portfolios are going to be secure Read the rest of this entry »

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Top Five Downloaded Talk Radio Podcasts

There are millions of talk radio programs that deal with financial matters. Not all of them are great, and not all of them are readily available for the general public, but for those looking at considering free options, there is a great deal of information available for free. Th best downloads are easily found, it’s just a matter of knowing the names.

1. The Dave Ramsey show – This syndicated talk show features advice, calls, and a free hour of advice taken from the financial talk radio Read the rest of this entry »

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Important Business Tips From Around The Talk Radio World

Important Business Tips From Around the Talk Radio World:

The Local Talk Radio- Greenwich, CT-

There are a number of opinions concerning finance and our economy, and who would know better in Connecticut than the good folks in Greenwich?! If you tune in to talk radio station 1490 AM (WGCH) you can listen to fast, up-to-date coverage of some of the most important events in today’s news. You can also get thoughts and suggestions from some of the greatest to be Read the rest of this entry »

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The History Behind Talk Radio And Its Pioneers

In recent times the talk radio has seen an immense popularity in the masses. It has been observed that people take great interest in this new arrangement and why not as I have noticed that it is only the people’s participation through live phone calls which provides these shows wide acclamation. Obviously there is also an opportunity for the common men to have a direct interaction with some dignitaries.

Besides that, the selection of burning topics, presence of most wanted personalities at the show and the attitude of the host will all jointly work to Read the rest of this entry »

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