Top Five Downloaded Talk Radio Podcasts

There are millions of talk radio programs that deal with financial matters. Not all of them are great, and not all of them are readily available for the general public, but for those looking at considering free options, there is a great deal of information available for free. Th best downloads are easily found, it’s just a matter of knowing the names.

1. The Dave Ramsey show – This syndicated talk show features advice, calls, and a free hour of advice taken from the financial talk radio show by Dave Ramsey. Ramsey offers a unique spin on financial freedom and has previously lost it all, and has come back from it to help others.

2. The Motley Fool – David Kuo brings a certain comedic flair to investing and financial matters, bring together real life inspiration and enjoyment to those looking for financial freedom. Freedom is found with practical advice and quality talk, all for free. The UK spin makes for some interesting moments.

3. Jill Schlesinger Money Watch – Jill on Money represents CBS’s Money Watch and does so with practical advice.

4. Money Girls Quick and Dirty Tips For A Richer Life – This short podcast gets right to the point, and hits financial matters like a bullet point list, without fluff. This is perfect for those looking for advice and don’t have hours to spend listening to long winded talk radio.

5. The Suze Orman Show – The financial queen of talk has a great podcast, and can help people of all walks of life deal with financial matters.

The aforementioned are just some of the most downloaded talk radio podcasts dealing with finances.

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